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The Yes2Kids Conference brings together educators, youth workers, counselors, school resource officers, and others who are working on a daily basis to improve the lives of young Tennesseans. The conference is a collaboration of state and local programs and was created to provide outstanding training and network opportunities for those who share a common belief in the potential of all youth. For more information go to

Healthy Choices
An annual Tennessee Healthy Choices for Youth Conference is conducted to which many persons interested in teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease prevention and character/asset development are invited. Nationally known speakers on abstinence and character building present information from their experiences and data. Topics include various areas of interest such as working with underserved youth, involving males in the abstinence discussion, decision-making skills, diversity, drug abuse prevention, healthy relationships, grant writing, character education, and bullying prevention. Each event has been warmly received and has generated excitement regarding the promotion of healthy life styles among our youth. For additional information and registration contact the Center for Youth Issues at (888) 357-8277 or go to

Joe M. Rodgers Leadership Conference




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